Here are some projects I have been working on lately.

Please note that the source code of my projects is no longer publicly available due to a school policy on plagiarism. If you are interested on how a particular project was built, don't hesitate to get in touch.


  • Colorspaces: Conversion utility between RGB/CMYK/HSV.
  • MediaCodec: Image compressor based on the cosine discrete trasform (used by JPEG)
  • AudioResampler: WAV file resampler, in 8 bits per sample
  • ImageViewer: 24 bits per pixel Bitmap image viewer

Data structures

  • Dijkstra: Implementation of the Dijkstra algorithm.

Mobile apps

  • Snowboard: iPad app for managing snowboard competitions
  • Foundation: Some experiments and trials with Obj-c’s Foundation framework
  • ManETS: Remote control app for controlling a Java music player backend built with vlcj

Web apps

  • Notes: Real-time collaborative note taking app built with node.js (proof of concept)
  • Authentification: E-authentication mechanism developement using Devise and Ruby On Rails
  • BillETS: Spring web application, concurency aware, for selling event tickets